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Best Countries for Adventure Travel in Africa

If you’re reading this, then you already love traveling. While we all have different reasons for packing our bags and catching flights to our next destination, there is no denying the thrill that comes with experiencing new environments. 

According to travel market report, some of the reasons people travel include (but not limited to):

To get a new perspective and see the world through new eyes, to get some distance from work, settle grievances through shared experiences (for couples and sometimes close friends), to get you out of your comfort zone, to admire Mother Nature, learn about other cultures, and finally, to unplug.

But there’s one reason a lot of people travel.


There’s the excitement and thrill that comes with exploring new terrains and experiencing obscure lives/activities of new places. It’s history, uncertainty and adrenaline, all wrapped in one beautiful unforgettable experience.

Now imagine having to live these episodes every few months. Imagine the memories you’ll create, the stories you’ll tell! 

Adventure: an unusual and exciting or daring experience.

We’ve put together, for our thrill seekers, some of the best countries for adventure travel in Africa you can visit to have the adventure of your life.

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1. Kenya

The East African country is home to Safari’s and beautiful beaches. 

From Rock Climbing in Hells Gate National Park, you can cool off in lake Naivasha, right next to the Park. There’s a short boat tour on the lake, organized by guides.Both a few hours drive from the capital nairobi.

You can drive around the park and see the majestic wildlife, and even walk amongst them (with a local guide company) or simply enjoy the incredible view from up the mountain.

If you’re into camping, There’s the Maasai mara Triangle, one of the best Safari Parks in the world, and a must-visit.

For the hikers, there’s the Mount Ololokwe trail and Mount Kenya, both with breathtaking views and picturesque scenery.

If you’re in for a bit of exploration, there’s Lamu island, located in the north of the country and only a few kilometers away from the Somali border.

2. Senegal

Senegal is West Africa’s Hidden Paradise.

Although popular for the famous Renaissance Monument (picture below),

Senegal is home to a myriad of adventure spots, most of which don’t get as much media coverage as they deserve.

One of the most stunning natural wonders you’d ever find is the Lac Rose, a pink Saltwater lake taking its color from a unique bacteria. There is a tour organized by local guides, where you can enjoy spectacular views of the lake, visit one of the lakeside salt farms, and stop at regional attractions including the Noflaye Tortoise Park and a village belonging to the Fulani people.

If you have the time (we hope you do) visit the Somone Lagoon and Bandia Conservation Park. There are many variations of exotic native African animals, like the giraffe, Rhinos, Buffalo and Zebras.

The AccroBaobab Adventure offers a lot of physically challenging obstacle courses, modeled after the dense, forest pathways and linked trees. From rope bridges to canoe cable cars, you’ll definitely have an exciting time here.

If you love interacting with people more, you can have the best of both worlds by exploring old Dakar, the island of Gorea with the locals hosting you to historical buildings, food, and stories passed down generations.

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3. Tunisia

The North African nation, home to the Carthagians who stood up to Ancient Rome, even at their peak strength, is home to adventures like you’ve never known it. Ranch Yassmina Djerba La Douce, is home to beautiful ranch animals, horses, ox’s Camels and other beautiful animals. It’s surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea on the North, and the mainland on the South.

Ranch Yassmina Djerba La Douce is located in Midoun. 

Friguia Park houses old historical architecture, Ranches and animal reserves, and the massive Amphitheater where Gladiator Battles were fought, after Rome took over.

Tamerza Canyon offers the beauty of nature and the thrill of adventure. The Largest mountain Oasis in Tunisia is in a largely abandoned old town. Surrounded by steep and wild areas, this gorge stretches for 3 km (1.8 mi) with distinct, round, layered shapes and stark color contrasts. Small waterfalls cascade from the cracks in reddish rock. You can hike through the canyon or take a donkey. There are two campsites on the spot, plus just a few basic eateries, so bring food with you. 

The Mahida beach promises you clear, soft white sands and turquoise beaches, with a scenic stretch of coast lined with loungers under the covers of palm trees.

FOr a small fee, you can explore the ruins of the Andalusian Testour, the picturesque village of Sidi Bou,  the small Roman town Dougga named by UNESCO as the best preserved in North Africa, and Zaghouan which is known for its natural mineral wealth and especially for its exceptional thermal springs.

Tunisia delivers a life’s worth of adventure, in one trip.

4. Namibia

Namibia is a pure, beautiful contradiction.

On one side you can experience the vast and humbling emptiness of the great deserts and the renowned Dead Vlei and Sossusvlei ancient lake beds, scattered with skeleton camel thorn trees dating back over 1,000 years.

Then there’s the largely uninhabited epic Deep South. You’ll marvel at the ever-changing vistas of the Kalahari, Fish River Canyon and Naukluft National Park, with their kaleidoscope of colors and textures formed over millions of years. And then you get to spread your wings over this vast land, with an air balloon ride, where you’ll get a truly awe-inspiring perspective on the vast landscapes of Namibia.

On the other side of this beautiful country, there are Wild oceans, and incredible wildlife. Traveling down the coast from Windhoek, you’ll drop by Etosha National Park, one of Africa’s premier game-viewing destinations, and Damaraland, an otherworldly place of rock sculptures, petrified forest and ancient rock paintings. After a night in unique accommodation among granite boulders of Fish River Canyon, you’ll drift down the Orange River in a canoe, reminiscing about all the incredible sights you’ve seen.

Namibia is indeed jam-packed with once-in-a-lifetime adventures. The perfect, beautiful, contradiction, if there ever was one!

5. Madagascar

Beyond its enchanting beauty and “one of a king” animal species, Madagascar promises one of the most thrilling adventures. It’s remote location, moist tropical climate and varied topography have led to it becoming a uniquely rich and rewarding biodiversity hotspot. Exploring this land apart is challenging but the rewards are exhilarating.

You can start with a train journey on the Fianarantsoa-Côte Est Railway, navigating more than 100 tunnels and bridges. Have your camera handy, these beautiful scenery won’t wait. The narrow-gauge rail descent from Fianarantsoa to Manakara is as scenic as advertised.

You can also hike in the Parc National d’Andringitra, home to the country’s tallest walkable summit in the form of 2,658m (8,720ft) Pic Boby. The 311 sq km (120 sq mile) Parc National d’Andringitra is a hiker-friendly destination that protects the upper slopes of the eponymous granite massif.

Next, is a boat trip down the Manambolo Gorge. Boat trips down the Manambolo River pass through this stunning gorge flanked by the surreal landscapes of the Tsingy de Bemaraha. 

A truly adventurous way to travel partway between Antananarivo and the Morondava region is by local pirogue or motorboat along the Manambolo River from Ankavandra to Bekopaka. This last is the gateway village to the Parc National des Tsingy de Bemaraha. 

The shallow bay Baie de Ranobe overlooked by Ifaty-Mangily offers the opportunity for snorkeling or scuba diving among coral formations dense with colorful reef dwellers and larger marine creatures.

This marine biodiversity hotspot is protected by a 30km (18-mile) long coral reef shelf up to 10km (6 miles) offshore.

A truly tasking, albeit beautiful adventure opportunity, just waiting to be explored by you.

Wrap Up

We must warn you, to travel to these places with extra storage devices and power supply, as almost every scene is picture worthy!

Plan your next adventure with these beautiful countries in mind!

All in all, there’s nothing like travel to help you see that what you think is “the way people do things” is really just the way YOU do things. That in itself is a great adventure.

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