What is Rewire and why should I use it for international money transfers?

There is no doubt that relocating/living abroad and adjusting to a different system can at times be perplexing.

More often, people are faced with difficulties on how to send money abroad to their loved ones and dependents. Worries about exchange rates, fees and delivery time of transactions are usually a cause for concern.

Gladly, Rewire is here to save the day. 

In this post, we’ll discuss:

What is Rewire?

Rewire is a leading global financial service platform that serves as a bridge for sending money abroad, receiving and performing online transactions from the comfort of your mobile or digital device. 

How does Rewire work?

With the Rewire application, executing online monetary transactions just got easier and more convenient. In just a few steps and clicks, you can get money sent across to your family and loved ones abroad without the usual hassles and long protocols involved with most remittance media at a minimized transaction fee and much more flexible exchange rate.

To send money:

  • Visit Rewire’s website
  • Simply sign up for a free online bank account.
  • Verify your identity.
  • Input the details of your transaction and recipient information.
  • Confirm the transaction details, rates, and fees.
  • Voila!

5 essential features and benefits of the Rewire app

Rewire is tailored specially to cater to the needs of the average migrant/worker, it makes for a perfect medium to transfer money abroad.

Still in doubt?

Here are 5 great reasons why Rewire leads the pack of international money transfer providers: 

  1. Fast, secure, and cost-effective transactions
  2. Free European IBAN account
  3. Finance management 
  4. Free debit Mastercard
  5. User-friendly and receptive 24/7 customer care service

1. Fast, secure, and cost-effective transactions 

Transfer money abroad to your loved ones with the Rewire online banking application at an incredible speed and exchange rate, with some transactions arriving almost instantly. For a few countries, it may take only 2 business days for the money to be delivered to recipients. Fees for international transfers can cost as low as 1% and sometimes vary according to market conditions, making it a cost-efficient choice for individuals to send money abroad. There also exist other transfer options with lower costs to cater to individual financial budgets. 

2. Free European IBAN account 

IBAN which stands for International Bank Account Number is a unique set of numbers that serves to identify the user’s country, account number, branch identity, and other information that are material to the transaction.

When you sign up for a free Rewire online bank account, you get an instant IBAN thereby making it an exclusive feature in that you get the opportunity of having a personal IBAN even before being assigned a government identification number, international address, and residency permit. Significantly,  Migrants who are yet to get the aforementioned details are saved from the troubles involved with sending money to their loved ones, salary payments, and performing online transactions.

3. Finance management 

Alongside using the Rewire application to send money abroad at the best rates, you get to take charge of your financial budget and expenditures. By including utilities that cater to expense tracking, budgeting, budget limits, transaction history, recipient’s details, and up-to-date exchange rates, the Rewire online banking application takes financial services to a superior level. 

4. Free debit Mastercard 

Of course, everyone loves free!!! But why not? In addition to the exciting benefits of using the Rewire application to send money abroad, you get to own a debit MasterCard at no cost to perform online transactions such as international purchases and online payments. This, in addition to facilitating online payments, acts as an incentive for customers. There are no withdrawal fees or hidden charges and the best exchange rate there is to imagine. 

5. User-friendly and receptive 24/7 customer care service 

Either through the telephone, Email, Facebook messenger, or in-app chat, when you use the Rewire online bank application for your financial needs, help is only a dial/text away, 7 days of the week; enquiries and complaints are duly attended to. 

To learn more, head on to www.rewire.com for the fastest and seamless international money transfer service and experience. 

Tell a friend today and stand a chance to get as much as £40 for yourself when they use the Rewire application to send money abroad.

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