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The Top 5 Job Search Websites for Effective Job Hunting (Tried & Trusted)

Due to technology, job search websites have changed the trajectory of job search. Rather than searching for jobs in newspapers, there’s now a plethora of online tools available at your fingertip.

The job market has now become a global playground where professionals can search different websites for whatever it is they are looking for. But even with this digital change, searching for a job can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack if they do not know where to look. 

There are so many websites and they can leave job seekers feeling overwhelmed. These job search websites have become a go-to for job seekers offering them different opportunities to choose from, but how does one know which to trust and which will be the perfect fit?

1. LinkedIn 

The first on our list is LinkedIn which is commonly known as a social network for professionals but also serves as a job board and provides a myriad of opportunities. LinkedIn is a versatile platform where users can search and apply for jobs, network with professionals, and showcase their portfolios through their profiles. 

What sets LinkedIn apart from other job search websites is that it focuses on creating professional relationships. The platform boasts a global network of professionals making it a great place to network.

Also, job seekers on LinkedIn can search for job openings and apply to the ones that are a perfect fit. LinkedIn also has a paid version that provides users with insights about businesses on the app thereby helping them to make informed decisions. 

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2. SimplyHired

SimplyHired, another job search website on our list, is known for providing job seekers with job opportunities across borders. The site offers a job board showing job listings from various sources – 24 countries in 12 languages – which also aims at simplifying every user’s job search process. 

On SimplyHired, job seekers can easily search for jobs based on different categories like the city they want to work in or the salary they want to earn. This way, they can easily find the job position that best suits their needs. Also, users can use the quick apply feature, once they have created an account, which makes them visible to hiring managers when they find a job posting of interest.  

3. Upwork 

The third option on our list of job search websites is Upwork, a platform that connects independent contractors and freelancers to businesses and clients. Upwork is a popular platform amongst freelancers as it allows them to create a profile and show what they are capable of – skills, expertise, and experience. 

How does Upwork work? Clients can create a job posting when they have a task/project and they’d want to hire someone to do it. Then, professionals on the platform can apply to do the job. The client then goes through the different portfolios, makes a choice, and then connects with the applicant through the platform. Upwork allows communication between businesses and freelancers to allow for easy work management. 

4. Glassdoor

Fourth on our list is Glassdoor because it provides more than just job openings, it also provides insights into the company. Glassdoor provides important information about companies/businesses that job seekers tend to be interested in when searching for jobs. This includes CEO approval ratings, company reviews, salary data, etc. 

This feature helps job seekers to make informed decisions when job searching. To search for jobs on Glassdoor, start by creating a free account, and then go ahead to browse for jobs. Uploading your resume on this website allows you to submit job applications without stress. 

5. Indeed 

Another option on our list of job search websites is Indeed, a platform to choose from if one is looking for a wide range of job opportunities to choose from. Indeed boasts of being a global powerhouse when it comes to job search websites. This platform is available in over 60 countries, has more than 350 million unique visitors and claims to have linked millions of people with new jobs. 

Indeed has a simple and friendly user interface and this is another reason why it is a top choice amongst job seekers. Users can create a free account on the website and search for jobs using company names, keywords, locations, and titles. Once a job fits one’s interests, they can apply through the website. 


Apart from the 5 job search websites explained above, there are other options like, WellFound and Job Bank. Check out any of the platforms listed above while building and expanding your professional network. Each platform has its unique strength so all one needs to do is settle for the one that suits your needs.


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