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7 Ways to Choose the Best Country to Immigrate to – The Migrant’s Compass

So, you want to move abroad, but how do you choose the best country to immigrate to?

I’m starting a new series on this blog called “The Migrant’s Compass” where I’ll offer guidance and tips to help you navigate the challenges and complexities of moving to a new country. 

In this series, we’ll discuss:

  • choosing the best country to immigrate to
  • the different visa types
  • preparing your finances for migration
  • cultural adaptation and integration tips and 
  • how to build a new life abroad. 

Today’s post will cover the first part of the series – how to choose the best country to immigrate to. 

In case you didn’t know, I have an ebook called “move abroad by force” which is packed with insider tips and practical advice. It contains much more information than this blog series so you can grab your copy and move abroad by force. 

Disclaimer: I am not an immigration consultant . In addition to the information from this blog and my ebook, do your research and speak to relevant authorities. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Country to Immigrate to

It’s the 21st Century so you don’t have to limit your options when you want to move. Many countries in the world offer warm welcomes to immigrants; all you need to do is consider these factors when choosing a country:

The Immigration policy of the country 

Before you start applying for visas and jobs in a particular country, you must learn about the immigration policy of that country. While some are flexible with their policies, others impose strict restrictions on immigration. 

Moreover, it can help you avoid legal consequences of lack of compliance like deportation, fines or even imprisonment. Learning the immigration laws can also help you understand which visa or immigration program is best for you. 

Are you moving alone? 

Another factor to consider is how many people are travelling. Consider the ease of migrating alone vs migrating with your family. If you have close family that matter and moving without them is too heart-wrenching, then you’ll need to tailor your immigration country choices to a more family-friendly country. 

Language barrier 

Differences in language can make or break your immigration goals. Imagine being unable to converse with medical or government officials due to a language barrier. This can also affect your employment opportunities and limit your chances of flourishing in that country. However, if you’re able and willing to learn the official language of the country then hey! Go for it.

Qualification recognition

Does the country recognize your academic and work qualifications? This matters a lot especially if you’re not willing to take a jump off the career ladder and start climbing again. Choosing a country that recognizes and embraces your educational background and work history is very crucial. Either with family or alone. And this leads me to my next point.

Can you earn a good living in that country?

How much are individuals in your field being paid in that country? Can you earn enough to cater to your basic needs and the needs of your family? Can you afford the everyday life of an average citizen in that country? 

Cost of living and Standard of Living 

The standard of living represents the overall quality of life that you and your family can expect in a particular location. It encompasses factors beyond the basics and includes considerations like healthcare quality, education opportunities, safety, cultural and recreational activities, and access to public services.

The cost of living encompasses the expenses required to maintain a basic standard of living in a particular country or city. It includes essential items such as housing, food, transportation, healthcare, education, and other daily necessities.

How do you plan to migrate? 

For a country like Canada, there are over 10 ways you can migrate. You can do that via the study route or asylum or federal skilled worker. I have a video on my YouTube channel which explains it better. However, all I’m saying is that certain routes are more favourable than others depending on your goals. I share tips that can help you choose the country that will benefit you the most on my social media.


This has to be a very crucial part of immigration. You might be migrating due to a war so you want to ensure that where you are is safe. And even if you’re not migrating due to war but economic reasons, you still want to choose a country that’s safe enough for you and to raise kids if you decide to.

7 Tips on How to Choose the Best Country to Immigrate to 

1. Create a Scale of Preference:

When choosing a destination, it’s essential to prioritize your preferences. Create a list of factors that matter most to you, such as job opportunities, quality of life, safety, cost of living, and cultural compatibility.

Assign weight to each factor based on your priorities. For example, if job opportunities are crucial, give them a higher weight. This scale will help you objectively evaluate potential destinations.

2. What Are the Top 3 Things You Must Have in Your New Country:

 Identify the three most important aspects of your life that you cannot compromise on when migrating. It could be career growth, a safe environment, or access to quality education for your children. Focus on destinations that align with these top priorities, ensuring that they meet your essential needs.

3. Choose a Country That Allows You to Work with Your Current Education and Academic Title:

Research whether the destination country recognizes your academic qualifications and work experience. Some countries may require additional certification or may not fully acknowledge certain degrees.

And it’ll be a shame to move there and not work. Opt for a country where your education and skills are valued, as this will significantly impact your career prospects and job opportunities.

4. Choose a Country with High Job Offers in Your Field:

Investigate the demand for your profession or field in potential migration destinations. Look for countries with a strong job market in your area of expertise. Consider not only the availability of jobs but also the potential for career growth and salary levels in your chosen field in that country.

Additional Tips for Choosing the Best Migration Destination

5. Consider Cultural Compatibility:

Think about whether the culture, values, and lifestyle in the destination align with your own. Cultural adaptation can be challenging, so choosing a place where you feel comfortable is important for long-term happiness.

6. Research the Healthcare System:

Assess the quality and accessibility of healthcare in your potential destination. Access to healthcare services can be critical, especially if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

7. Examine Education Opportunities:

 If you have children or plan to further your education, research the quality of schools and universities in the country. Access to good educational institutions is crucial for personal and family development.

Remember that choosing the best country to immigrate to involves weighing multiple factors, and what matters most to one person may not be the same for another.

Take your time to research, consider your priorities, and consult with experts or people who have gone through the migration process to make an informed choice. 

You can also get a copy of my ebook which will help you with with everything you need to know to migrate. But remember, I am not an immigration consultant so still do your research and speak to relevant authorities. 

If you’ve purchased the book, tell me what you think in the comments. 

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