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10 CHEAP TRAVEL destinations you should see

Based on the countries I have seen, here are the TEN CHEAP TRAVEL destinations you should try and see. Food, drinks, Hotel.

I bought a bottle of coke for 30 cents in one of them.

1. Vietnam

2. Sri Lanka

Sunbathing, Hiking, Elephant ride. Cheap food and transportation.

3. Egypt

Discounts on Tourist sites especially as a student. River Nile. Valley of the Kings. Pyramids of Gaza.

4. Mexico

Sombrero. Tacos. Foodie heaven , oh my God. Awesome beaches too. Everything from food to drinks less than a dollar.

5. Bali, Indonesia

Hot baecation sites. It has both expensive and cheap places. Nut I mean Bali is awesome. I will go again.

6. Ghana

Azonto- town. Africa for beginners. We talk about it because it’s cheap with clean, sweet resorts.

7. Turkey

There are cave hotels with fountains which are cheap. Full day Tour with Hot air balloon ride cost less than 100 USD.

8. Morocco

I Like Marrakesh. Particularly cheap hotels esp outside town. Good food. Coffee. Tour is great. Buzzes at night.

9. Bosnia & Herzegovina

Ruined by war and re-building. They have a certain Magic Water. Great beaches and architectural masterpieces.

10. Capetown, South Africa

Robben Island. Table Mountain. I did paragliding off the mountain. Bubbly city of life and music. Food is good. The taste of Africa really.

Worthy mentions: Spain, Portugal, & Croatia.

  • Countries I’ve visited – 31
  • Continents – 5
  • Cities – 70

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Comment below, and let me know which of the cheap travel destinations mentioned above are you planning to go to (also share the places you’ve visited which are not in the list).

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  1. Thank you waka waka doctor for this insight…..I would love to see Vietnam, Mexico and Egypt… pls is there any special procedure needed to go to this countries

  2. I would love the visit Greece, Ghana, Singapore. Dominican republic. Ireland. These places you have been to are so beautiful and breath taking. ?

  3. Thanks Wakawaka Doctor, your post is inspiring. Obviously these a good number of beautiful places in our world but when you say “10 cheap travel destinations… “, how cheap is cheap? Can you provide an estimate for on or a few of these destinations?

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