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Learn To Travel For Free! (Well, Almost Free) 

Travelling the world may seem like a pricey thing, but it is possible to see the world without going broke. 

When I moved abroad, it was quite lonely. I needed to visit friends and family and I also had to travel for work. This made me delve into finding more affordable ways to travel the world.

You might have all the money in the world, but who doesn’t want to save some extra cash?

So here are ten ways to travel for free; well, on a budget: 

Ten Ways To Travel For Free (With Lower Prices)

If you have ever caught yourself daydreaming about travelling the world without emptying your bank account, read on:

1.  Be Flexible!

Being flexible with picking your travel dates is one of the most important ways to cut costs on flight tickets. Most airlines adjust ticket prices based on demand, what day of the week it is, and even what time of the day it is.

So by being flexible with your travel dates and times, you can take advantage of cheaper rates during the off-peak periods. 

It is also known that there are airline errors that can lead to very low ticket fares. Platforms like Scott’s Cheap Flights, Airfare Watchdog, or Jack’s Flight Clubs can find these errors and ticket sale prices. 

Homepage of Scott’s Cheap Flights now

Another way you can take advantage of this is by booking flights a lot earlier than when you intend to travel. 

2.  Use Incognito browsing

Did you know airline websites and online travel agencies track the activities of customers on their websites?

Most times, they’re looking to bring in new customers with discounted prices. So, if they notice you are a previous customer, you will only get the normal prices. 

When looking for flights on your browser, make sure you turn on your incognito or private browsing mode especially if you are using Google Chrome or Safari that way you can appear as a new user on these websites and get exclusive deals that may not be accessible to others.

Image showing Incognito tab on Google Chrome

3.  Recognize The Legends Of Flight Booking 

Due to their unparalleled flight booking expertise, Google Flights and Skyscanner are regarded as the Messi and Ronaldo of the travel industry!

These websites are responsible for providing services such as daily price comparisons for flights. Skyscanner’s Explore page offers a special chance to view costs to numerous locations and destinations around the globe. This acts as a two-for-one plan for those searching for the best possible travel deals.

If you’re a first-time traveller, read this.

4.  Compare and Set Price Alerts 

You can make your travel plans even more enjoyable by using technology to set up price alerts for your desired destinations. 

It lets you keep track of any changes in ticket prices and receive alerts when there’s a drop in prices, ensuring you snag the best discounts available.

Stay ahead in the quest for budget-friendly flights by exploring platforms like:

5.  Always be on the lookout for low-cost airlines

Be sure to include low-cost airlines when searching for flights to your destination. You can do that by using Alternative Airlines 

Even though some of the airlines might not have as many bonuses as the well-known airline carriers, they frequently offer significant discounts. 

The only disadvantage that comes with these low-budget airline carriers is the different additional costs and luggage limits.

Image showing the homepage of Alternative Airlines

6.  Be a Flight Hacker

Occasionally, it can be less expensive to purchase individual one-way flight tickets from more than one airline rather than booking a round-trip ticket from a single airline carrier. 

By “Flight Hacking”, you can capitalize on the best deals each airline has to offer for particular sections of your trip. 

For instance, the round trip price for an AirPeace flight could be 100,000 naira, but you could take a one-way ticket for 50,000 naira and then book a return ticket for Aero Contractors airline at 35,000, therefore saving 15,000 naira on the initial round trip flight ticket.

7.  Utilise Airline Stopover Programs. 

Some airlines have stopover programs that let you stay a few extra days during your layovers in particular places without having to pay extra. 

This can lead to decreased total travel expenses in addition to allowing you to explore more places. It is necessary to make arrangements ahead of time to optimize airline stopover programs. 

Find out about the participating airlines’ assigned cities of stopover. Note elements like the stopover destination’s general environment, local attractions, and visa restrictions. You can also tailor your vacation schedule to your interests and tastes by making thoughtful plans.

8.  Stay Receptive To Using More Than One Airport

Instead of using the main airports, fly to the nearest airport to your destination or in the same city.

Selecting a secondary airport occasionally results in significant savings because these airports may have reduced landing fees and operating expenses, enabling airlines to offer tickets at more reasonable prices, and getting from there to your final location can be simple to arrange. Just ensure that you do your research 

9.  Travel On The “off-peak” Days

Off-peak days are days when the amount of flights that are booked is very low. Saturdays and midweek are seen as off-peak travel days. These dates frequently result in cheaper airfares. Finding less expensive flights may also include avoiding popular travel periods, such as vacations and school breaks. 

Additionally, because early morning and late night flights are less popular with travellers, they are typically less expensive than lunchtime or evening options. Discounted fares are frequently offered by airlines for flights during these less popular times.

10.  Volunteer For Bump Opportunities 

This is when airlines request passengers to give up their seats voluntarily in exchange for compensation because flights have been overbooked.

This compensation can vary but often includes enticing perks such as travel vouchers, complimentary meals, or even the possibility to actual travel for free. When checking in, keep an eye out for these opportunities as they may be your ticket to a complimentary flight.

Will You Travel for Free in 2024? 

The art of travel is not only about getting where you’re going but also about getting there in a way that enhances your experiences without breaking the bank! 

Remember that travel is all about courage.  There are also a lot of books on saving on flights and getting cheaper accommodation. Check them out

So, tell me in the comments where you want to go. Maybe, I’ve been there and we can have a chat about it.


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