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Get a Job Abroad by Force – Jobs in Luxembourg for Foreigners

Let’s talk about finding jobs in Luxembourg for foreigners. Shall we?

Let’s discuss why you should consider working in Luxembourg, their work culture, job search websites in Luxembourg, labour law and labour rights in Luxembourg.

Ultimately, we’d cover everything you need to know about working in Luxembourg, even as a foreigner. 

Let’s dive in!

Why You Should Consider Working in Luxembourg 

Whatever your reservations are about Luxembourg, just read through and let’s debunk the myths or claims you’ve heard about it. 

1. They’re Open to Foreigners

If you’re looking for jobs in Luxembourg for foreigners, don’t be discouraged by your status. The workforce consists mainly of nationals, cross-border commuters and foreign workers. There’s a place for YOU!

2. You Can Get a Job if You Speak Just English

Although the three official languages are Luxembourgish, French and German, there are lots of English-speaking jobs as well. So yes, you can find jobs in Luxembourg for foreigners even if you only speak English. It just depends on the sector or nationality of the company. 

3. There is a Work-Life Balance 

Generally, a full working week is about 40 hours. 9-5, Monday to Friday. You also have 10 public holidays every year. However, you can decide to work on those days in return for extra pay. 

4. Living Conditions are Great

You have social security, a multilingual and inclusive education system, social stability, nature, culture and a good work-life balance. 

Image showing an inclusive work setting

5. Great Pay

Just like any country, you get to negotiate with your employer about your salary. 

But here’s the best part, employers are not allowed to pay you below the social minimum wage which is about €2,570.93 for an unskilled worker and €3,085.11 for a skilled worker (as at the time this blog was written because the minimum wage changes every 2 years) 

In essence, if you’re a skilled worker, you currently cannot earn below €3,085.11 monthly. And if you’re unskilled you can’t earn below €2,570.93 monthly. 

6. The Job Market 

Finance, transport and communications are the three core areas that currently move the Luxembourg economy. So, if you have any skills in these three areas, congratulations!  

Work Culture in Luxembourg 

One thing that most employees across the globe complain about is the work-life balance and Luxembourg consistently ranks among the countries with the best work-life balance globally. 

They also enjoy generous pay for holidays, maternity and paternity leaves and special circumstances. Their labour laws govern night and weekend work and work-related burnout qualifies for paid extended sick leave. 

And if you work on Sundays, companies ought to compensate you with up to a 70% pay increase. And for night shifts, you get an additional 15% and for public holidays, you get a 100% hourly supplement. 

Luxembourg makes sure that their workers have 44 consecutive hours of rest weekly or receive additional paid annual leave.

Luxembourg also places so much emphasis on punctuality. Arriving on time at work is crucial for making a positive impression and aligning with local business culture.

There really is no obligation to engage in excessive overtime, as the country strictly regulates the maximum working hours employers can demand. So if you like too much work, this might not be the best place for you. LOL! 

Websites for Finding Jobs in Luxembourg for Foreigners 


These websites are user-friendly and easy to use. If you’d like more information like this, you should follow WakaWaka Doctor on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube

Here’s a little task for you: simply search “WakaWaka Doctor Luxembourg” on YouTube for more information about the country. 

Applying For Jobs in Luxembourg as a Foreigner

When you find a job you like, you’ll likely fill out a short application form, send your CV, and write a cover letter or personal statement explaining why you’re a good fit.

I’m not a career coach so make sure you do ample research to ensure your CV, cover letter or personal statement is good enough to submit. You should also consider the ATS. 

Also, it’s best to use the same language as the job ad, unless it says otherwise. For general applications, write in French or English for big companies.

Job interviews in Luxembourg are usually formal. Dress nicely, be professional, and learn about the company before the interview. It might last 30–60 minutes and could include tests.

If you get the job, they’ll contact you by phone, letter, or email with the offer and start date. They’ll also check with 2–3 references you provide. Please make ample research on making a CV in Luxembourg and try online tools like to make things easier.

Image showing

Final Thoughts on Finding Jobs in Luxembourg for Foreigners

We firmly believe in stepping stones. Luxembourg might be your stepping stone to greater opportunities so it might not be your final destination.

There are still so many other countries to explore and in the coming blogs, we’ll dive into finding jobs in other countries. 

Leave a comment if you liked this blog or have any questions. You can also share it with your friends if you found it helpful.

But if you feel you need more clarity, let’s have a one-on-one consultation. I’ll be expecting you.


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    1. Yes! Just look up how to write an amazing CV that’s ATS compliant and also make sure your CV is in the EUROPASS format as Luxembourg is in the EU. You can search for jobs using the links provided in this blog.

  1. I’m Abdulrazaq Umar from Nigeria. I can work as a professional sales Representative, sales promoter, I can also drive.
    I can also do any other legitimate job aside the ones I enumerated.
    My phone number +2347045864022.
    WhatsApp +2347045864022

    1. Hi Abdulrazaq. It’s great that you have professional experience already. We’d advise you to look up how to write an amazing CV that’s ATS compliant and also make sure your CV is in the EUROPASS format as Luxembourg is in the EU. You can search for jobs using the links provided in this blog. Soon, we’ll write a blog on how to craft a winning CV. We hope this helps.

  2. Good day, l’m by name Daniel I can type fast and I can also create books (E books). So is it possible I get a job?

      1. Is it possible to find online job or remote job in Luxembourg

        And which NGOs can take foreigners student for the internship if that possible I’m currently a student in Kenya Taking international relations at Daystar University

  3. Good morning Amanda,
    Can someone between the age of 40-42 years secure a full or part time job while studying in Luxembourg.
    Your swift response will be appreciated.

    1. Hello Abdulkarim. Yes, absolutely! Someone between the ages of 40-42 can definitely look for part-time or even full-time work while studying in Luxembourg. As a student, your visa will likely allow you to work part-time during school semesters, typically up to 16 hours a week. During holidays, you may be authorized to work full-time (up to 40 hours)

  4. I am interested to work and live in Luxembourg.
    Can you please help me out to work to Luxembourg

  5. Ok good ,and me also I can get a un skilled job in Luxembourg,I’m a driver and other job if training experians is available..

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