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Tips for a successful trip

Besides being a Doctor, there are couple of things I am passionate about; travel vlogging happens to top that chart. Often, people wish to visit locations in countries they have never been to. Many are discouraged largely because they feel these trips will ultimately cost them a fortune, some are perplexed over the dilemma of not knowing fun places or locations with historical underpinnings to visit. 

Have you ever wondered how to visit your choice locations virtually without spending a dime? Here’s what you might find helpful.

I like to think that when people think of traveling, a lot of images come to mind; street food, street fair, souvenirs, art galleries, hiking, exotic hotels, Bora Bora (this is a best fit description of me on most days) etc. However, as appealing as it sounds to see the world, I strive never to explore the idea; and this is simply because I had always considered traveling a sport for only those who could conveniently afford a plane ticket to far away but beautiful destinations. Though this line of thought was pretty much limiting, I made sure to tell anyone who cared to listen that I was going to see the world someday (not quite believing it myself).

Recently, however – not certain if it is pandemic induced – the idea, as well as plans, have begun to seriously germinate at the forefront of my mind. So, to do this right, I began to sort for tips here and there that I certainly think might be helpful or provide a starting guide to other newly converted travel aspirants like myself. If you aren’t an amateur like me but curious about learning or contributing to something I obviously missed, either way is great!

Getting started, my favorite thing to do when venturing into something new, which is also very much applicable to this situation, is:


If remaining indoors in a new city –which really defeats the whole point of the adventure – is not something you fancy, make a plan! In planning a trip, the thought process involves choosing your desired destination, time that will be spent touring away, who to travel with, places to stay, what travel insurance plan to consider (especially if you are traveling overseas). Also, how to get around, other things like getting an immunization and how to access your money overseas for ease and convenience come into play.

Did you know that Mauritius is malaria-free and offers free public transport to disabled and senior citizens?

If you are anything like me and prefer to feel in charge of happenings around you, planning ‘adequately’ should be a top priority.


It seems like a pretty logical thing to do but you might be surprised at the sheer number of persons who prefer to wing or figure things out themselves in situations such as this. If you are this way, keep in mind that you are most likely moving into new territory, so having detailed information on procedures and things like their people and culture, could go a long way into helping you have a better experience. Like my ma usually says – ensuring to ask questions would keep you from missing the right ways to follow. If you also do this rightly, depending on your needs at that particular moment, great places to visit could easily be recommended. Social media platforms (like Twitter and Instagram for instance) are a good tool for this as you are likely to find a handful of persons readily available to help. Safety precautions as well can be suggested. Another benefit of asking questions is that it may most likely provide avenues or procedures that could help you save a lot of cash. You could also get discounts for certain packages.

Are you also aware that the passport of St. Kitts and Nevis grants you visa-free access into over 170 countries and the country welcomes high net worth people to buy a passport for a family of 4 for $150,000? Looking to grab a lot of positive energy on a trip? Finland is rumored to be the happiest country in the world (but also really cold). 


If you do not have these, you really should consider getting them for a list of interesting reasons besides traveling. Getting every available credential ready on time would help you to stay legally safe as you do not want to be caught unlawfully wiggling your way through a border, in the eventuality that something unexpected happens (inserts sign of the cross). So simply adhering to every rule and regulation you might find when making your personal research can help in avoiding embarrassments.

Your US visa can take you into Costa Rica, and Cape Verde is only four hours away from Lagos- Nigeria by air!


You’re venturing into a new territory and might need someone to make mistakes or live the moment with, at least for the first time? Consider company. It serves a dual purpose as you have the opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones (especially after the pandemic. ugh). Other reasons to consider doing this is comfort, splitting travel expenses, security reasons and travel brainstorming sessions.

Namibia is the only country in Africa where the desert meets the ocean. One minute, you’re riding in the gorgeous desert of Walvis Bay, next minute you’re in the Atlantic Ocean. If you’re looking for a country to visit in South America without a language barrier (another variable to consider), Guyana is for you! It is the only country in South America that has English as an official language.


In making travel plans, the mind-boggling question is “How much would this cost?” A reoccurring theme, in case you are yet to notice, in this write up; is ‘safe spending’; but in layman’s terms, budgeting. You do not have the means to travel far yet? Not interested in being far away from home or fascinated about road trips? How about considering a place closer to you? Crossing the ocean to bag yourself a surreal and relaxing travel experience is not necessary, especially as most cities around you have so much story to tell, diversified culture to learn from, as well as historical monuments to see. Whether your distance is far or near, one important thing is to be absolutely prepared and this includes exercises such as getting a good night’s rest before the D-day, charging electronic devices, packing smartly and following other tips in the preceding article.

Did you know? There is a fountain that flows with FREE red wine 24/7 in Central Italy and is called Caldari di Ortona. Can you imagine?


This one for me has been an appetizer leading to the chef’s special. Travel blogs, guidebooks and websites like Trip Advisor give a mini experience, through their very well thought out pictures and options, countries, and hotels to choose from. Also, hotel booking sites like offer good prices and a free room cancellation for on case your plans change. Honestly, it is almost also similar to window shopping. Not only does this set you in the mood for what is yet to come, but aids in providing suggestions of highly-rated hotels, restaurants, activities you are most likely to enjoy in a country of your choice, as well as suggestions of things to do. Also looking for vacation rentals? They have you covered. Airbnb centers are also highly recommended for comfort, extended stays and large groups; additionally, their kitchenettes help to save cost. Isn’t it surreal how these kinds of thoughtful services help to make life easier? So many information are readily available in case you need help with making choices.

Other helpful tips to consider are partaking in the free experiences too like visiting a market, taking pictures of random places, networking or befriending new persons; going to tourist sites on free days, playing in the park, picking out specific places to visit in order not to burn out.

Enjoy yourself!

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  1. To say this article has been eye opening is un understatement. So, I just recently relocated to the Uk and as a well known and adventurous trotter back home in Nigeria ?, I’ve decided to tour places in the Uk. I started with Southampton and didn’t enjoy it because I really didn’t plan well, but Im hoping to do some more during my leave.

    Thanks a mil for these tips.

    Id like to also add, from my personal experience: research on the transport system of the place you want to tour. Especially if you plan to have a mobile tour of exciting places, it helps to have someone willing to be your tour guide , especially if its just you alone in a strange city.

    Thanks once again ?

  2. Thank you so much for this guide,been trying so many options I saw on your twitter account but most do not apply to Nigeria..Cos I did love to travel to the Maldive this November and seeing your post gives me hope,I can be on a budget-friendly trip but Nigeria is not included in many..I hope to hear from you..Thanks alot

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