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Why travelling around the world is good for you

There is no doubt that travelling around the world is one thing many people would love to do and have in their respective to-do lists.

I enjoy it myself, it is one of my favourite things to do and I have been to quite a number of countries now. But some have asked me what are the benefits of touring the world.

In this piece, I’ll try to answer that question in the most precise manner possible. When it comes down to packing your bags to leave behind your everyday hustle and routine, escaping the madness that is Lagos and more to travel (on vacation), it not just about the fun and excitement, there is more.

Therefore, what are the benefits of travelling to other countries in the world? Here are five of the best i can think of that surely will rank high for many other chronic travellers like yours truly.

It fosters happiness

Of course, just the thought of packing your luggage in readiness for a trip outside the shores of this country remarkably changes your mood from negative to positive and improves your state of mind.
You can’t even wait to say goodbye to Nigeria as you suddenly are full of life, your smile is different and broader than ever, your problems are taking a break from your thoughts as you plan the trip. Thinking about your next trip totally changes your emotional state, triggering your happy hormones.

It lowers stress level

When you are thinking about all the fun you are about to have, the joy of planning a trip outside, you will notice that you are less stressed out.

During the trip, you spend more time relaxing, resting in an environment that is less noisy, serene and calm. You visit wonderful attraction sites and of course, the food.

All these combine to relieve and lower your stress level.

Exposes you to new things – languages, cultures

There are things you are yet to know and experience that can only come as a result of travelling around the world (going to other places).

From learning new languages to first-hand experience of various cultures and even a deeper understanding of how the world works.

The opportunity to interact with people who are totally different from what you are encounter each day leads to widening your perspective to life – you see things from a wider view.

It helps you live a longer life

According to Forbes, via Dr Mehmet Oz, Cardiothoracic surgeon, Columbia University professor, taking vacations can lower men’s risk of death by 21% and mortality from cardiovascular disease by 32%.

And for the women, you stand a chance of higher risk of heart disease and death if you don’t travel.

Food! Food!! More Food!!!

If you are a foodie like i am, then, you already know what and how i feel whenever I’m planning a trip.
I always look forward to eating something different from what I am used to, taking a break from amala and ewedu to try something totally new puts an unbelievable smile on my face.

There you have it, five of the best reasons you should consider travelling around the world. So, tell me, where are you going next? Where would you love to visit and try out their food?

Leave your comments in the comment section, I am looking forward to sharing more with you.

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  1. I would love to visit turkey, Spain or Vietnam… planning to go on vacation to any of the cheapest place I can afford after covid19 so help me God

    I would love to visit Germany to try out their food … heard they have lot of food recipes made with meat

  2. Traveling is a good experience that I will like to do some day too.
    I will like to go many countries, explore there culture, take pictures and speak many languages.
    God bless you waka waka doctor.

  3. After covid19 wahalA, I will be visiting Istanbul Turkey then to TRNC . I keep imagining how their grilled meat and fish will taste. I’m also looking forward to visiting Addis Ababa Ethiopia when I have money. Can’t wait to try Doro Wat with injera,learnt it’s very spicy and delicious… #foodie

  4. I’d love to visit South Korea… Their culture and language is intriguing from what I’ve read (and of course, their movies)… And their food, I long to taste them.

  5. Traveling changes your perspective of/on life. It helps you appreciate a whole lot of things you were once ignorant about, and reshapes your worldview.

    I wanted to add that it’s orgasmic ?, but that’s a personal thought ?..because not everyone wants to leave their comfort zone.

    Gosh! I love to travel ?

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