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Top 5 VISA FREE destinations for Nigerians

Thinking of where to head off to on your next holiday? On this post, I highlight my top 5 VISA FREE destinations for Nigerians. Have a read and leave a comment afterwards.


Best Period: December to April

Things to see :

  • FOGO (sea mount Volacano)
  • SANTIAGO – bars , restaurants, Cinema.
  • BOA VISTA – See Turtles, Whale watching, Game fishing
  • SAL – Diving, Kite surfing & Snorkelling


Best period: December to April

Things to do:

  • Shark Hole
  • Miami Beach
  • Animal Flower Cave
  • Fisherman’s Pub


Best period: Feb, March, June & October

Things to do:

  • Snorkel
  • Walk the valley of the sleeping giant
  • Drink Kava with locals
  • Visit waterfalls


Best Period : October – June

Things to do:

  • Cruise on Gambia River
  • Abuko Nature Reserve
  • Chimpanzee Rehab project
  • kachikally crocodile Pool
  • Wassu stone circles


Best Period : November – May

Things to do:

  • Lake Retba
  • House of slaves
  • Djoud National Bird sanctuary
  • Fathhala Wild life reserve

There you have it… my top 5 VISA FREE destinations for Nigerians. What do you think? Leave a comment below!

Oh by the way, Dominica is also a worthy mention. Dust your Nigerian passport, get to planning and once you get the green light, MOVE.

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  1. I’m a house officer seeking to travel for birth tourism abroad where do you advice me to go?

  2. Thanks doc how about how much one should put aside for flights, accommodations, feeding and such

  3. Thanks doc, how much should one will have to spend on flights, accommodation and feeding to be able to visit the top 5 free visa destinations. Lastly how secure are this places?

  4. Do you have a travel package in Febuary for any of the following destinations;
    1. Barbados
    2. Seychelles
    3. Mauritius

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