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Top 10 In-demand Jobs in Canada For Skilled Workers

Canada is the new America! It is a promising country for immigrants to live and build their career life in. They are increasing their population strength by welcoming expatriates of distinct skill sets. Irrespective of your degree level, if you had some basic degree and then opt for a degree or diploma in Canada, it would give a mileage for you to pick up the right choice. Canada has also become a desirable destination for students wanting to pursue their Master’s in the fields of technology and engineering. Courses like Electrical engineering and Computer Science are quite sought after in Canadian universities. 

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • Canada’s Top 10 Most-In-Demand Jobs for Skilled Workers
  • How Can I Improve My Chances of Getting a Job in Canada?
  • Top 10 Job Search Websites in Canada

Editor’s Note: Here’s everything you need to know about how to move to Canada easily 

Canada’s Top 10 Most-In-Demand Jobs for Skilled Workers

1. Information Technology

Ottawa is forecasting that there will be 64,200 new jobs for software developers in Canada over the decade ending in 2028. Jobs like Web Programmer, Computer Programmer, Interactive Media Developer, E-Business Software Developer were high in demand in late April. If you have a  bachelor’s degree in computer science or certifications, then you are needed in Canada. The salary ranges from  $42,178 -$112,125 per year.

2. Nursing and Medicine

For registered nurses and registered doctors, every province and territory in Canada is screaming for more nurses/doctors and the labour shortage is expected to only get more acute with 36,500 more jobs opening up than nurses and doctors to fill them over the next eight years. For education level, all you need is to have a University or other approved registered nursing program, additional academic training or experience to specialize in a specific area of nursing, and registration with a regulatory body in all provinces and territories. Salaries range from $46,878–$93,600 per year.

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3. Finance

The forecasted number of positions opening up for financial advisors will outstrip the number of people available to fill them in Canada over the decade ending in 2028, creating a labour shortage. Bachelor’s degree in business administration, commerce, economics or a related field as well as licensing by the body if selling regulated financial products and investments is a criterion. Average Salary: $39,838 – $107,815 per year.

4. Sales Representatives

Sales associates and Sales representatives are crucial, both to sell to the consumer and to sell to other businesses. Average salary: $50,255.

5. Human Resources

Human Resource Managers are another in-demand Canadian job. They have responsibility for recruiting the right talent in Canada’s tight job market. Average salary: $77,900.

6. Accountant

Any list of in-demand jobs is always likely to feature accountants. The number of crunchers who can help a business thrive, and come into their own during tax season. Average salary: $57,500.

7. Project Manager

They need project managers in a range of sectors, including IT and marketing. Those with the required PMP certification are particularly in demand. Average salary: $90,000.

8. Business Development Manager

 Business development managers have the crucial job of bringing in new customers themselves, as well as helping sales staff close deals. Average salary: $85,000.

9. General Labourers

General labourers are in demand all over Canada. They clean, move materials and equipment, plus take on physically demanding jobs. Average salary: $29,250.

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10. Engineering

The surge in online shopping and automation during the COVID-19 pandemic has fueled demand for electrical engineers whose prospects climb with increased use of computers and electronic and electrical products. Bachelor’s degree or higher in electrical engineering and licensing by a provincial or territorial Association of Professional Engineers is a criterion. Salary range: $51,129 – $130,708 per year.

How Can I Improve My Chances of Getting a Job in Canada?

To improve your chances of getting a job in Canada, consider these factors;

Skill Sets: 

The pandemic is continuing to reshape society and the way we live and do things. The world of work, especially, has been altered in ways we could never have imagined. To emerge stronger from the crisis and improve the chances of getting a job in Canada, you must start reskilling and adapt to the post-pandemic ways of working.

Educational Qualifications: 

You must have relevant educational qualifications from a designated institution in your field of work. Check the job requirements to know what applies to your field and those who lack the training or qualifications for some roles will find short courses across the country that will help them achieve the certifications needed and enter the Canadian workforce quickly.

Language Proficiency:

French and English are the official languages of the country. You must be proficient with either of the official languages of the country. This will show your ability to accomplish set work goals in the Canadian workplace, working well with others and following Canadian etiquette basics.


You must have adaptability skills to work in the dynamic economy of Canada. Being adaptable to change is also an essential soft skill to have in the Canadian workplace. Employers want employees who are flexible, willing to change and make progress. If you’re unwilling to look at new ways of doing things, you will be left behind in a labour market that is constantly changing due to demographics, the economy and technology.

Professional CV: 

You must know how to (create a Canadian-style resume and a cover letter) and where to apply for your jobs (identify the correct sources and online job portals for job application).

Do your research: 

You must complete your research in which Canadian province or territory with the most in-demand jobs in your field; so you can try in those areas first to increase the probability of getting a good job sooner.

Top 10 Job Search Websites in Canada

Now that you know the in-demand jobs available in Canada and what factors the jobs depend on, What’s next? You can start by searching the below best Canadian job boards, including:

  1. Workopolis 
  2. LinkedIn 
  3. Glassdoor
  4. Indeed 
  5. Home – Job Bank which is maintained by the Government of Canada and the jobs all have a code that is used both by industry and by immigration.
  6. Eluta
  7. CareerBuilder
  8. Monster
  9. Jobboom
  10. Google Jobs

Also, don’t be shy about approaching employers directly. Look for companies in your field and check out their career boards and please consider working in a remote area – that’s where skills shortages are the worst. You might prefer Toronto to Sudbury (Toronto has somewhat welled weather) but there are lots of jobs of all types in Northern Ontario and a severe shortage of certain skills.

In Canada, experience and soft skills are just as important as technical skills. As a software engineer, don’t make the mistake of assuming you need more education to compensate for not finding a job. Two things will hold you back:

  1. Not taking an active approach to job searching.
  2. Not learning about Canadian workplace culture and soft skill requirements.

Another fast way to get a job in Canada is to start your immigration process to Canada, and then find a job as a skilled worker. Once you are a permanent resident, Canadian citizenship is just a matter of time. (3 years at the max.) 

Canada is hungry for your skills, so my advice to you is to kick off your express entry process first so you can answer that question “Are you legally allowed to work in Canada” with a big, fat confident “YES”!

Wrap Up

Canada is among the most secure economies of the world, and there are numerous job openings every day in almost every profession to help immigrants settle in Canada. There are many advantages of moving to Canada; International standard Education, World Class Infrastructure, Housing and Free Healthcare. If you are well-qualified, hardworking, and willing to learn new things, you may not face many difficulties finding a good job in Canada.

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