6 Affordable Cities to Study in Australia

Deciding to study abroad can be a daunting and exhausting task. It can be quite overwhelming when you are trying to decide on where and what to study. The reward and personal development from studying abroad make it all worth it. Australia has become a top destination for international students, providing a world-class learning environment, diverse culture, and opportunity for personal development. But if you are puzzled with the question, “Where is the cheapest place to study in Australia?“,  we have curated a list of Affordable cities for international students.

  • Why Study in Australia?
  • Cheapest Australian Cities to Study in for International Students

Editor’s Note: Here are 6 things you should know when preparing to study abroad

Why Study in Australia?

Australia is a diverse country with over 260 languages, ranked top in the world, and is home to 43 universities. Australia offers international students a superb educational system that is flexible and world-class learning environment from their leading institutions. There are great opportunities for international students to work while studying; 40hrs over a period of 2 weeks and full time during school holidays. International Students can also apply for a post-study visa which allows them to work up to four years in Australia. The average cost of studying  in Australia for Undergraduate courses ranges from $10,000-$33,000 per year and for Postgraduate courses ranges from $20,000-$37,000 per year. These tuition fee rates do not, however, include courses such as veterinary and medical programs for which the tuition fee cost is much higher. 

Cheapest Australian Cities to Study in for International Students

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1. Gold Coast

A coastal city in the state of Queensland with beautiful beaches, rainforest, year-round sunshine, bubbly nightlife, and a tourism vibe. Gold coast is home to Bond University which is one of the top universities in Australia for student experience and education. Fees at Bond University per semester start at $12490 AUD and the cost of living averages between $20000-$27000 AUD per year inclusive of (books, accommodation, health, food, etc.). There are also opportunities for international students to work during studies and holiday periods. Gold coast also houses campuses for Griffith University and South Cross University, which have affordable options for international students. 

2. Canberra 

(The Australian Capital Territory) offers a modern, vibrant and multicultural city with a large percentage of international students. The cost of living is lower than in other major cities (Melbourne and Sydney) in Australia. 

Canberra is home to 4 major universities; 

  • Charles Sturt University: Annual average fee $21,000-$33600 AUD
  • Australia Catholic University: Annual average fee $19,000 – $26,800
  • University of Canberra: Annual average fees $26,700-$35,000 AUD
  • Canberra Institute of Technology: Annual average fee $12,500 – $25,140

3. Adelaide

This city is one of the regional areas in the country. It is an affordable student city in Australia. It is home to the University of Adelaide, one of the top universities in the country; the median tuition fee at Adelaide starts at $35000 AUD. The cost of living  for international students per year ranges from $14000-$19000 AUD inclusive; accommodation, books, food, living allowance, and other expenses. In addition, the cost of accommodation outside the city Centre is lower, plus you have a variety of options for accommodation such as; independent living, homestays, etc. 

Other major education providers in Adelaide include:

  • University of South Australia: A public research university, Ranked 264th according to QS World ranking, Tuition fees range from $24400-$33400 AUD per year.
  • Flinders University: Public University, Ranked 24th according to the QS World Ranking, Tuition fee ranges from $24000-$30700 AUD per year.

4. Brisbane (New World City)

The capital of Queensland is one of the 3rd largest cities in Australia. It is one of the cheapest cities in the country, with a world-class education and top-notch living quality at an affordable rate. The annual cost of living in Brisbane ranges from $21,824 – $61,584 AUD which all depends on where you stay. This price is inclusive of food, accommodation, health, books, etc. Brisbane is home to the following universities: 

  • University of Queensland: A public research university, Annual tuition range from $27,824 – $38432 AUD and ranks 4th in Australia QS National Ranking.
  • Queensland University of Technology: A public research university located in the urban coastal city of Brisbane, Queensland Australia. Annual tuition fees range from $26700-$32300 AUD for international students and Ranked 13th in Australia QS ranking.
  • Griffith University:  Public Research University in the southeast located on the east coast of Australia. It has five campuses (Gold Coast, Logan, Nathan, Mt Gravatt, and South Bank) Annual tuition ranges from $26500-$32500.

5. Hobart (Tasmania)

This is the oldest, and safest city in Australia. It is home to the University of Tasmania which is ranked in the top ten universities in Australia. Hobart’s slower pace of life makes it the perfect place for studying and blocking out distractions to focus on studies.  The annual living cost for international students is around $18,610 AUD, which is very cheap making it the very best for international students. Average cost tuition fee for undergraduate is $22,111 AUD and Postgraduate $26,490 AUD. If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful and serene atmosphere for your studies, the University of Tasmania is for you. Although not much is going on in the city, you get to enjoy the calm, and peaceful scenery of Hobart. 

6. Darwin (Northern Territory of Australia)

This is a relaxing and laid-back environment, surrounded by skyscrapers and lots of activities to keep you busy during time off from school. With a thriving economy (mining, tourism, retail, energy and construction) and a high rate of employment, it is easier for students to secure a job during and after studies. Darwin is home to Charles Darwin University (CDU), CDU has developed a reputation as one of the best innovative teaching and learning, and most research-intensive universities in Australia. CDU qualifications are recognized globally, and graduates are highly valued and sought after. The cost of living per year averages at $26,000 AUD and the annual fee per year ranges at $25,920 AUD. 

If you are looking for top-quality education, diverse culture and an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and experience something new then Australia is the place for you. And if you’re in need of assistance with your application, visit Urban Nomads to speak with our academic consultants who will make your study abroad dreams possible.

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