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10 tips on traveling solo!

Traveling solo (alone), without buddies can be all sorts of adjectives like exciting, exhilarating, scary, fun-filled, eye opening, daunting and tasking. it gives you different tastes of freedom, liberation and allows you to self-reflect. It can also come off as intimidating if you’ve never given it a go before. I have put together a list of tips from my wandering shenanigans and successful attempts to find my own way in the world.

1. Safety first

Being cautious and safe is top priority as you’re going to a place you’ve never been. have a list of emergency contacts, medical allergies and a personal first aid kit (this could come in real handy).

2. Learn the salutations in the local language.

Being polite is key to receiving help. Each country has its own official language and as long as it’s not the same as yours, efforts should be made towards learning important words like ‘hello, thank you, please, sorry, excuse me, good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night’.

It insinuates your interest in their culture and opens doors to new friendships.

3. Go your own way

To each his own. everyone has their different tastes and niche. most often than not, these preferences influences your choice for a trip. If you’re sociable, your decision might be towards bustling cities but if you’re reserved, you might end up leaning towards calm and serene areas. What’s important is doing you and choosing what works for you. Don’t let anyone influence your decision.

4. Talk to the locals.

Drifting away from normal tourist paths and stops is part of the thrills of traveling solo and often leaves you with unforgettable experiences.

Chatting up a random local could lead you to an unpopular sight and give you a better encounter with the country.

5. Be your own photographer.

No one can capture your trip better than you, so take those selfies, food pictures, nature, people walking along and even new friends.

Capture those memories the way you want other people to see them, through your eyes!

6. Ask for direction.

You never know it all and you definitely need help. Google, social media and the entire online community has made it all so much easier as you can search for places you’d like go visit and get pointers on how to go about the touristy and non-touristy things to do and avoid.

7. Expand your skills.

Remember where we suggested you learn the salutations of the local language? You could also go all out and learn it to add to your shelf of skills!

Take a few classes, meet the locals who can help you practice, get opportunities to meet new people and mingle!

8. Make wise choices

Traveling solo (alone), even in its bubble, can be quite expensive so you have to learn to make cost-effective decisions. Why pay so much, when you can pay so little and still get to your destination in one piece? For instance, you can book for your flight on incognito mode to get cheaper tickets!

9. Work for room and board.

if you’re considering an extremely cost-effective way to travel, working while traveling is something to look into. You could connect with families who have extra room, and exchange your muscles and arms for a place to lie and rest. You also get to experience, see and feel the country from another perspective.

10. Embrace total freedom.

Traveling solo lets you be your own person, as it never restricts you. The opportunity to be absolutely free in a country where nobody knows you, is joy and happiness on it’s own.

Embrace new cultures, friends, foods and just go with the flow to enjoy the beauty of where you are.


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  1. Okay this is a good tip for a one man mopol like ??.. I love freedom … I love this tips thanks so much…. I dont understand the No 9 though but I will re-read. Will plan a solo trip soon and this tips is sure gonna help I believe
    Thank you doctor waka waka????

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