Top 10 travel destinations for families

Covid-19 seems to be sort of over but at least families can travel and experience their environment. I have been to quite a number of countries and I have got to experience adventures, beaches, backpacking solo, and with family.

No matter how interesting or enjoyable a holiday has been, there should be something enjoyable for the next family vacation.

Thus, in this post, I’ve compiled a great list of 10 countries (travel destinations) that are worth visiting with your family:

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1. The HAGUE, Netherlands

There is just so much to do and see in the Hague. Writing about this place brings so many memories and laughter. Is it the numerous cheese types or bicycle riding from one end of the Hague to another or the various international courts or the windmills and if you happen to be there during spring the flowers!!.

The Hague has so much to do, eat, see and dwell in. There is something for everyone – young, old, teenagers, etc. Whether you are looking for beaches, city life, village life, the Hague is the winning destination. 

The Dutch are generally welcoming and always notice if you seem lost or confused. The main language spoken is Dutch but most people are trilingual, so if English is your only language then there is nothing to worry about.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you have a longer holiday period, I would suggest Amsterdam. Depending on what you want, each city gives a different feel and look. Enjoy historic buildings, beautiful museums and scenery. Enjoy live music in the bars, and delightful food.

If you want to spend a day on the beach, immerse yourself in history or enjoy greenery then Amsterdam is one place you would like to visit. 

3. London, United Kingdom

Unlike the USA, London has an easier COVID-19 protocol and quarantine protocol. The good news is that if you are fully vaccinated you might not need to be quarantined. 

London is an incredible city with so much to do. It just feels as if with each visit there is something different to see and experience. I have visited here so many times and each time I discover somewhere and something different to do. 

London has so many museums from culture, design, technology, art, etc. Depending on your mood or interest London museums have something for you.

Also head down to the Thames river, snag on London’s classic fish and chips and also check out the Tower of London. You can also consider viewing the entire city through London’s eye. If you are a Harry Potter fan spend days touring the studio, visit platform 93/4 and take memorable pictures. 

4. Taiwan

I will recommend visiting this country a million times. Taiwan is one of the family-friendly countries in the Asia stretch. Apart from the fact that the food and weather are amazing, the people are super friendly and the transportation system is easy to understand.

Taiwan is such a peaceful country with serene environments. One of the things I loved to do the most was visiting the temples. There is something for every traveller from visiting the mountains, to hiking, visiting top fashion stores. 

Whether you want to meditate on the greenery, do yoga in the temple, go round the country using their high-speed train, this country can do this for you. I love it there!.

5. Boston, USA

Boston is all about food, schools, art, and sports. If you are a lover of American football then you have to visit Boston and watch the Red Sox play live at Fenway Park.

The vibe and old English feeling are nothing but breathtaking. Stunning old red brick buildings, to visiting the art museum. There is something for everyone here. Boston also has great Pubs with a multi-cultural setting. 

6. Accra, Ghana

Accra in Ghana which is an African country is also one to visit. If you are looking to experience Africa for what it is then Ghana should be at the top of your list. Ghana has beautiful water. 

Some people choose to visit either for its amazing scenery or its beautiful culture and people. Accra is just one city to visit in Ghana and the main commercial hub so if you are looking for a village/country setting I would recommend renting a car and heading out of the City.

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7. Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is a must for anyone interested in seeing the pyramids. They look amazing in photos but in person, it is simply breathtaking. Visiting the museums, the Pyramids, and just having a feel of all the amazing food are just a few things you can do.

The Egyptian government recently opened up a new museum housing the mummies and jewels from the times of Pharaohs so this is a must-do in the City.

8. Portland, USA

This is a great place to visit for families. From laid-back vibe, to great food, great culture, and beautiful scenery. 

There are opportunities for cycling, hiking, and kayaking. Portuguese are generally friendly and live kids and this is a formula for a great vacation with kids.

9. Denver, Colorado

Colorado is one place you can visit at different times of the year. Denver offers you a great culinary experience with eclectic cuisine and beer experience. From farm to table experience to the beer trail, visiting markets, and food hall.

The Sandrock formation is also a sight to visit. Hiking and biking and doing yoga is a must to do. The Denver Botanic Gardens and  Rocky Mountain National Park are also a must to see.

10. Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi is a great place to visit. A breath of fresh air that rejuvenates you every morning as you drive by the Nairobi National Park in the middle of the city. If you are an animal lover, book a safari and experience wildlife for what it is. 

A must to do and see is visiting the Boma tribe of Kenya and experiencing their culture and life. 

All you have to do now is to pack up, choose a travel destination, book your ticket and head to that vacation spot. If none of your family or friends shows no interest just channel the inner traveller in you.

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Cover Photo by Anugrah Lohiya from Pexels


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