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Top 6 Cheap Universities In Austria For International Students

If you’re looking for cheap universities in Austria for international students, then this post is for you! We’ve put together a list of the top 6 schools in Austria for international students that are worth your money and time.

Taking that step to study abroad comes with multiple benefits which will influence your professional and personal growth. You get the opportunity to experience different cultures, perspectives, enhance your network, and learn a new language. Plus, you get the opportunity to travel and explore the world.

So, if you are set on studying in Europe and have no clue about which European country should be your learning study destination, then Austria is the place for you.

Why Study in Austria? 

Austria is located in the central part of northern Europe and shares a border with Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.  Austria is recognized around the world for its reputation for having a long tradition of academic achievement and excellent quality of education.

With a thriving economy and employment ratio, career opportunities for graduates after studies are endless. Apart from being highly ranked internationally for providing good quality education, Austria is known for its tourist attractions and modern cities.

The best part is that the cost of studying in Austria for international students is very affordable compared to other countries in Europe. International students can expect to pay a median of €1,452 at public universities including €20 per semester for student union membership fee.

NOTE: International students are advised to purchase health insurance to be able to stay in Austria throughout their studies. 

6 Cheap Universities In Austria For International Students

Although, Austria is often viewed as an expensive tourist destination, it offers favourable tuition fees for international students at their public institutions and world-class facilities.

Here’s are some cheap schools in Austria for international students:

1. Universität Vienna

The oldest public research university located in Vienna, Austria was founded in 1365. Vienna is a city rich in artistic history monuments such as Saint Stephen’s Cathedral, Hofburg Palace, and the Sisi Museum. Original architecture from the Romanesque, Baroque, and Art Nouveau movements line many of the city’s narrow streets.

Universität Vienna is home to a wide range of faculties from the law, business, and economics, computer science, historical-cultural studies, psychology, social science, etc. Most programs at the university are taught in English, Universität Vienna is among some of the cheap schools in Austria for international students.

The cost of living ranges from $690-$1306/month. Tuition Fees for international students studying for Bachelors $1730 per year and Masters are $1730 per year.

According to The QS world university ranking 2024, Universität Vienna is ranked 130 in the world, while Times Higher School World University of Rankings 2021 ranked Universität Vienna 730 in the EU and 164 in the World.

Vienna is a very liveable city for students with good access to affordable public transport, accommodation, and affordable education.

2. Universität Klagenfurt (Alpen Adira Universität)

Klagenfurt is an 800-year-old town. It is one of Austria’s historic town centers located in lake Wörthersee, one of Europe’s largest and warmest Alpine lakes. Klagenfurt is a city with a Mediterranean climate, pleasant summer days, winter, autumn and mild springs.

Universität Klagenfurt is a federal Austrian research university and the largest research institution in the state of Carinthia.  The Innovative University is located at the intersection of 3 diverse cultures and its Campus near Lake Wörthersee in the city of Klagenfurt one of the safest cities in Austria.

Universität Klagenfurt offers international students various study programs like; Cultural, Literature, Linguistics, Law, Sciences, Economics, Social Sciences, & Technical Sciences.  

3. Universität Salzburg

Also known as Paris Lodron, the capital of Salzburg Bundesland (federal state) north-central Austria. Salzburg is known for its architecture, music, and magnificent settings. It is also home to the legendary Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The largest institution in Salzburg offers a wide spectrum of educational programs for undergraduate, diploma courses, master’s degree, and doctoral studies. International students should expect to pay Bachelor $1677 Masters $1677 per year.  The cost of Living in Salzburg costs $693-$1,278 per month. 

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4. Karl Franzens Universität Graz

Located in the southeast of the country called the green heart of Austria. It is close to Vienna and Salzburg and close to Croatia, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. Universität Graz is the largest and oldest university in Styria, it has 6 different faculties and approximately 120 study courses.

It is home to around 31,500 students 12% of which are international students. It was named European Capital of Culture in 2003 and City of Design in 2009. International students can expect to pay tuition fees for Bachelors ($1677) and Masters $1677. The cost of living ranges from $605-$1103 per month.

5. Universität Innsbruck

A public university located in Innsbruck capital of the Austrian federal state of Tyrol.  It is one of the largest educational facilities in the Austrian Bundesland of Tirol and the third largest in Austria behind Universität Vienna and Universität Graz. It focuses on research and development, teaching, and continuing professional education and training. 

The cost of tuition for international students studying Bachelors $1677 and master $1677. Living expenses ($705-$1367). Universität Innsbruck Ranking according to the QS world university ranking 2021 world (265) and EU (111). The Times Higher school world university ranked Universität Innsbruck 351 in the World and 164 in the EU.

6. Universität Linz (Johannes Kepler Universität Linz)

JKU Linz is Located in Linz, Austria. It is famous for its many churches, museums, and cultural activities. Universität of Linz is a Cutting-edge institution, known for offering various courses such as; sciences, academics, business, and the community.

It has over 23,000 students made up of local and international students from across the world. According to the QS world university ranking 2021, Universität Linz is ranked 165(EU) and 362(World). Times Higher Educating World University Ranking 2021 cost ranked Universität Linz 601(World) and EU (268). Fees for international students at Universität Linz €363.36 per semester

Wrap up

There are a lot of cheap schools in Austria for international students and the 6 mentioned in this post are only a few, so feel free to do more research

And if you’re looking for ease when navigating the country, then this e-book is a MUST-READ

Let us know in the comments some other things you’d like to know. Remember, we at WakaWaka Team are rooting for you!

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