Cheapest universities in Lithuania for international students

Lithuania is a land of raw beauty and also home to many universities at which international students can study without scholarship at some of the cheapest prices for schooling abroad. Its peace and solemn beauty attracts many visitors each year. This calming environment makes Lithuania a choice place for schooling abroad.

When talking about cheap universities for international students in Lithuania, we will majorly be considering tuition. But for the cost of studying in Lithuania, two other things in addition to that must be considered: monthly rent with essential utilities and daily expenses.

As much as Lithuania welcomes students to study, it does not teach all courses in English. Some courses offered in their universities are taught in Lithuanian.

In this article, we will keep you informed on the following:

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Why study In Lithuania?

Here are 5 reasons why you should study in Lithuania.

  1. Certificates from Lithuanian universities are recognized in Europe and globally.
  2. It’s welcoming and relatively safe for international students.
  3. You get good value for your money as you get top-notch education and exposure to practicals and research facilities that hone your skills in your specific area of study.
  4. Cost of living is not as high as those in more popular countries international students consider for study. With at least 300 EUR, you can cater to your monthly expenses including food and groceries. 
  5. There are work opportunities available for you as an international student either while in school or afterwards.

Cheapest universities in Lithuania for international students

Tuition varies from school to school and from course to course in Lithuanian universities. Generally, tuition fees range from 1000 to 5000 EUR per year for Bachelor’s degree, 2000 to 6000 EUR for Master’s degree, and 7000 to 8000 EUR for Doctorate programmes. 

Most schools on this list of cheapest universities for international students to study in Lithuania are public universities with tuition ranging from 1000 to 6000 EUR. Not all Lithuanian universities offer English-taught courses. Hence, it is imperative that you check that the schools you are considering offer your desired course in English.

Arranged in no particular order, the following are the cheapest universities for international students to study in Lithuania without scholarship:

1. Klaipeda University

Klaipeda university is a multidisciplinary university that offers various courses with specializations in the fields of applied sciences, engineering, humanities, and social sciences. As such, it is a choice university for many international students. For undergraduate programs, tuition fees are between 1,400 to 3,200 EUR ($1,655 – $3,785). For graduate programmes, tuition fee ranges from 2,900 to 8,200 EUR ($3,429 – $9,698).

2. Vytautas Magnus University

Vytautas Magnus University is a state university solely focused on Agricultural-related studies. It is also known as Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy. As such, if as an international student, you want to specialize in agricultural-related studies, this is the cheapest university in Lithuania for you.

For undergraduate programs, tuition fees range from 2000 to 7000 EUR while graduate programs cost between 3,900 to 6,000 EUR.

3. Lithuania Sport University

Europe is home to many athletes and even more athletes are seeking ways to relocate. If you are an aspiring athlete or sports person, schooling in Europe is one of the easiest ways to lay a foundation for yourself in sports.

The Lithuanian Sports University is small yet one of the oldest universities in Lithuania. It offers courses solely related to sports science and other athletic topics. It offers 21 study programmes for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Most international students who study here go to this university for their Masters and Doctorate degrees.

The LSU is the highest-ranked university in the Baltic region. It performs research activities in sports coaching, sports management, physiology and genetics, muscle and motor control, rehabilitation, amongst many others.

Tuition fees for undergraduate programs range from 3,000 to 4,000 EUR while graduate programs cost between 2,000 to 4,000 EUR.

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4. Mykolas Romeris University

The Mykolas Romeris University is located in Vilnius and Kaunas, Lithuania. It is a leading university in social sciences and interdisciplinary research. It focuses on business skills and entrepreneurial abilities. For undergraduate programs,tuition costs between 2,600 to 3,500 EUR while graduate programs cost between 2,900 to 6,900 EUR ($3,678 – $5,282).

5. Utenos Kolegija

This is another low-tuition university in Lithuania. It is located in Utena and is also known as Utena University of Applied Sciences. It was founded in 2000 and offers 14 listed study programmes. It offers higher college studies with most of them geared towards practical activities and applied research. The average tuition fees for students from outside the EU/EEA is 2,600 EUR per year, ranging from 2,300 EUR to 3,700 EUR.

6. Alytaus Kolegija University of Applied Sciences

This cheap Lithuanian university offers undergraduate studies in social sciences, business, engineering, and technology. It is located in Alytus, Lithuania. The 11 bachelor’s studies programs it offers includes: Technologies of Information Systems, Multimedia and Visual, Communication, Building Engineering System, Automobile Transport Engineering, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Food Technology, Accounting, Company Administration, Transport and Logistic, Business, and Business Management.

Tuition fees range from about 2,700 to 3,000 EUR.

7. Graiciunas School of Management

Located in Kaunas, Lithuania is this very cheap institution. It offers 6 courses in Business and Management and 1 in Law. These courses include: law and business, logistics business management, tourism and hospitality, accounting, marketing and sales management, and international business and communication. The average tuition fee for students from the EU/EEA is 1,600 EUR while the average fees for non-EU students is 2,000 EUR per year.

8. Siauliai University

The Siauliai University is a public university that offers Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration, Music Pedagogy, Software Engineering, and Economics. For undergraduate studies, tuition fees range from 2,200 to 2,700 per year while graduate studies cost between 3,300 to 3,600, making it one of the cheapest universities for international students to study in Lithuania without scholarship.

9. Vilnius Gediminas Technical University 

Ranked among the 100 best universities in the world and as the best in technological sciences in Lithuania is the VGTU. It is a public university established in 1956 with 11 faculties, 13 institutes, 23 research and experiment laboratories, and 3 research centers. On average, international students pay a tuition fee of about 3,500 EUR per year. 

Undergraduate programs cost between 2,700 to 3,500 EUR per year while graduate programs cost between 3,900 to 10,646 EUR yearly. It is one of the universities that offers English-taught programs for international students in Business Management, Engineering, Information Technology, Aircraft piloting, Architecture, and Robotics. It is especially known for its Civil Engineering and Architecture programs.

Universities in Lithuania without IELTS

There are universities in Lithuania that require proof that you can speak and understand courses taught in English. One way to prove this is by providing your IELTS result. But again, for some schools, IELTS is not required if the student speaks English. Keep in mind though that while applying for a student visa, an English Language Test is required. So, to be on the safer side, take IELTS.

When does the academic year start?

The academic year starts in September and ends in mid-June.

Do they speak english in Lithuania?

Yes, they do. But, Lithuanian is their official language. There are some courses taught in Lithuanian but over 300 courses are taught in English in Lithuanian universities. Make sure the course you are applying to is English-taught before going ahead with your application.

Can I work and study in Lithuania?

Yes, you can. International students can study and work as long as they are enrolled in a university. After obtaining your temporary residence permit, you can work for up to 20 hours weekly. Even after your studies, you get up to 12 more months to stay in the country and search for a job.

Wrap up

This is not a comprehensive list of all of the cheapest universities for international students to study in Lithuania without scholarship. But, it is a starting point. Keep in mind that not all courses in Lithuanian universities are taught in English. It thus is imperative that you find out before applying to any Lithuanian school you chose. If studying in the UK , Canada, or other popular countries is proving to be difficult or too expensive, Lithuania is another choice place to consider. 

Note that the fact that these universities have cheap tuition fees does not mean that they offer watered-down or lesser quality of education. They feature top-notch research facilities and qualified tutors. If you do decide to consider Lithuania for study, we have consultants on standby at Urban Nomads who have been helping students get into universities in Lithuania and are ready to help you too. There is a special offer for you for Lithuania this month! Take advantage of it now!

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  2. Am really interested in knowing more about the procedures and what it will take for me to qualify , I mean the necessary documents needed to learn english

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