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9 Scholarships in Asia for African Students

In light of the increased desire for higher qualifications, access to better opportunities, scholarships are instrumental to unlocking all of those and more. 

Undeniably, issues of sponsorship,  documentation, access to valid and timely information, and finance can sometimes get in the way of achieving your goals, which should not be so.

Hence, why we thought it wise to do the hard work for you, by compiling a comprehensive list of fantastic scholarships in Asia available for African Students.

Editor’s Note: Looking to travel/study abroad but unsure about the travel and visa requirements for your travel destinations? Download this comprehensive Travel requirements and Visa protocols guide to stay prepared.

1. Taiwan Higher Education Scholarships for International Students

Sponsored by the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF), this offer avails foreign students the opportunity to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in partnering universities in Taiwan.

For the 2022 session, there are 34 available programs to be covered by the Taiwan ICDF scholarship. The Taiwan International Cooperation Alliance (TICA) has been established and has partnered with 22 universities to sponsor and manage this scholarship.

Eligibility criteria
  • Applicants must be nationals of a country in the list of countries specified as beneficiaries of the Taiwan ICDF scholarship.  You can confirm this on the application website.
  • Applicants must not be a citizen of The people’s Republic of China and Taiwan.
  • Applicant must satisfy the admission requirements of the partnering university he/she intends to apply to.
  • Applicant must satisfy all the requirements for the FS Visa (Resident visa) as prescribed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Taiwan government.  
  • Applicant must confirm that he/she does not hold any current Taiwan ICDF scholarship and has never had any scholarship revoked by the Taiwan government and has never been expelled from any Taiwanese University. 
  • Full tuition
  • Airfare
  • Monthly allowance
  • Accommodation and accommodation fees
  • Fees for credit, books, and materials
  • Insurance
Required documents
  • A copy of the applicant’s passport or other proof of identity
  • A copy of the applicant’s academic transcript(s)
  • Proof of English proficiency test
  • Reference letters (2)
  • Other requested documents

Applicants are to submit the above-stated documents to the Taiwan Embassy in their country to be processed.  

The deadline for application is 15th March 2022.

To apply, visit this website.

2. Qatar Scholarship Grants for International Students

Qatar fund for development (QFFD) partners with its education institutions to provide scholarship grants to international students from developing countries to pursue a degree program in Qatar. 

Students who are willing to pursue their academic interests in Qatar are welcome to apply for an opportunity to be awarded the grant. Applicants are required to first apply to the desired partner academic institute, once accepted as a candidate, they can then proceed to apply to their academic institutions to be awarded a scholarship. Nominations of eligible applicants are subject to the decisions of the academic institutions from whence a list of finalists is chosen and awarded. Only applicants who have been accepted into their chosen university will be qualified for the scholarship. 

List of partner universities
  • Doha institute for Graduate studies
  • Hamed Bin Khalifa University 
  • Qatar University

Applicants are encouraged to confirm if they are citizens of the Official Development Assistance (ODA) countries. 

The deadline for applications is unspecified. 

To apply, visit this website.

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3. Joint Japan World Bank Scholarship Program for Developing Countries

Citizens of WorldBank Member developing countries are invited to apply for 26 different Master’s degree programs offered across universities in the United States, Europe, Oceania, Africa & Japan. Emphasis is laid on areas of development,  economic policy, management,  tax policy, and infrastructure management.  

Students with related professional experience and a history of supporting their country’s development are welcome to apply. Upon being awarded their degree, awardees are expected to return to their home country to apply their new skills and contribute to the social and economic development of their nations.

There will be a 2 – phase application process. 1st phase application begins from 17th January 2022 through 18th February 2022. 2nd phase proceeds from the 29th of May, 2022.

Eligibility criteria 
  • Applicants must be a citizen of a World Bank member developing country.
  • Applicant must not hold dual citizenship in any developed country. 
  • Intending candidates must possess proof of sound physical and mental health. 
  • Applicant must hold a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, earned not later than 3 years before the date of application.  
  • Applicant must have a minimum of 3 years of related work experience after the awarded Bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicant must be engaged in a full-time position in a development-related job. 
  • Must possess a letter of acceptance into his preferred university of study. 
  • Tuition
  • Travel expenses
  • Monthly allowance
  • Health insurance

Take note: To be eligible for this scholarship, students must first all be admitted to one out of the prescribed 26 programs which make up part of the scholarship. Furthermore, eligibility criteria are strictly adhered to as NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.

The deadline for this application is 27th May 2022.

To apply, visit this website.

4. Renmin University Chinese Government Scholarships for International Students

Renmin University opens its gates of access for international students to apply for its annual scholarship for postgraduate study programs which includes Master’s and Doctoral Degrees. With IELTS not being a requirement, nationals of every country in the world are welcome to apply for its 2022 scholarship. 

Eligibility criteria
  • They are not Chinese nationals nor current students of any Chinese University.   
  • They are in sound physical and mental health.
  • They hold a Bachelor’s degree and must not be more than 35 years of age. (Applicable to applicants for the Master’s degree program).
  • They hold a Master’s degree and must not be more than 40 years of age. (Applicable to applicants for the Doctoral degree program).

The scholarship caters to all living expenses during your stay in China. This includes 

  • Full tuition
  • Accommodation
  • Medical insurance
  • A Monthly stipend of 3,000 CNY and 3,500 CNY will be made available for master’s and Ph.D. students respectively
Required documents
  • Application form for the Chinese Government Scholarship (to be downloaded from the website)
  • A valid passport
  • Transcript
  • A study plan/research proposal of no less than 500 words written either in English or Chinese
  • Recommendation letters (2 from a Professor or Assistant Professor written either in English or Chinese. 
  • Physical examination report attesting to your sound health in body and mind
  • Applicants applying for a Music major must submit existing musical works. Intending Art majors must submit 2 scratches, colour painting, and art in CO format.

The deadline for application is 30th April 2022.

To apply, visit this website.

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5. Chinese Ministry of Education Marine Scholarship for International Students

African students are invited to apply for a Master’s or Doctoral degree in Oceanography and Oceanographic related courses. 

This scholarship is sponsored by the State Oceanic Administration (SON) and China’s Ministry of Education in conjunction with Xiamen University, China which is the pioneer school for oceanography in China.

Eligibility criteria
  • Be a non-Chinese national.
  • Apply for a postgraduate degree program in ocean-related specialties. Applicants who are already engaged in oceanography courses and sectors will be prioritized. 
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree and be less than 40 years of age. ( Applicants for the Master’s degree program).
  • Hold a Master’s degree and be less than 45 years of age. ( Applicants for the Ph.D. program).
  • Tuition
  • Accommodation/accommodation fee (RMB 700 and RMB 1000 for Masters and Ph.D. students respectively
  • Monthly stipends of 3000 and 3500 for Masters and Ph.D. students respectively
  • Medical insurance

The deadline for submission of the application is 31st March 2022.

To apply for this scholarship,  visit this website.

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6. GIST Scholarships for International Students

The Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) in South Korea invites students from African countries to apply for its fully-funded annual postgraduate scholarships.  

To be considered for an award, students must satisfy that : 

  • They hold a Bachelor’s degree to apply for a Master’s program.
  • They hold a Master’s degree to apply for a Ph.D.
  • Full tuition of 3,415,000 Won to be paid per session
  • Monthly stipends worth 140,000 and 295,000 Won for Masters and Ph.D. students respectively
  • Research grants of 4,820,000 and 11,480,000 Won per year for Masters and Ph.D. students respectively.
  • Medical insurance
  • Airfare expenses (one-way ticket to Korea)
Required documents
  • Certificates of awarded degrees
  • Academic transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Statement on application document submissions
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Passport pictures
  • Letters of recommendation for a Matriculation fee waiver (optional)

Students who are keen on science and science-related courses are welcome to apply for this scholarship

The deadline for application is 15th April 2022.

To apply, visit this website.

7. MEXT Japanese Government Undergraduate Scholarship for International Students

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) of Japan is pleased to invite students from all over the world who wish to study at a Japanese University to apply for its undergraduate scholarship.

Eligibility criteria
  • They are nationals of countries other than Japan. 
  • They are born on or after 2nd April 1997. (24 years and less)
  • They have completed 12 years of compulsory education in their home country.
  • They are willing to learn Japanese. 
  • That they are willing to carry out their academic studies in Japanese.
  • They are in sound health. 
  • Full tuition. 
  • Miscellaneous education fees.
  • Monthly allowance of 117,000 YEN and 2,000/3000 YEN for grantees conducting research in designated regions. 
  • Airfare.
  • Traveling expenses.

Applicants must choose a field of study in Social Sciences and Humanities or Natural Sciences from the options available during application. Applicants are allowed a first,  second, and third choice.

Further information

  1. Preparatory education involves a one-year intensive course in the Japanese language and other subjects necessary for the transition into University. 
  2. After the preparatory education, grantees will be enrolled in a designated university upon passing the entrance examination conducted by the university.  Should a grantee not be capable of completing the preparatory education, his/her scholarship will be cancelled and he/she will be required to return to his/her home country. 
  3. If a grantee does not succeed at the designated university entrance exam, his/her scholarship will be canceled and he/she will be required to return to his home country. 
  4. The university in which a grantee will be enrolled will be decided by MEXT in consultation with the university and preparatory education institute, and in consideration of the results of the academic examinations in the first screening conducted at the Japanese Embassy in the applicant’s country. There will be no objection to this provision.  
  5. Academic activities begin 1st of April every year and conclude on the 31st of March in the following year.
  6. Each grantee will be awarded a Bachelor’s degree on completion of the prescribed number of years and the required number of credits earned in the chosen course of study. 
  7. A grantee will not be permitted to change his field of study or university during the period of the preparatory education course or university course.
Method of Application

Applicants are mandated to read thoroughly the application guidelines and heed strictly to instructions. Application forms, Certificate of Health, and recommendation letters are to be submitted to the Japanese Embassy in your country. 

The deadline for this application is unspecified and varies by country.

To apply, visit this website and check out this step-by-step video guide on how to apply for MEXT scholarship.

8. NAIST International Scholar Program for International Students

Outstanding students with excellent academic ability who are yet to receive sponsorship by the Japanese or Foreign Government are hereby offered private financial aid to pursue their educational ambitions in postgraduate study programs.

Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) is a Japanese national university in Kansai science city in Japan with aim of providing aid to international students to enable them to focus on their academic activities. 

  • Tuition
  • Employment as a research assistant
  • Travel 
  • Enrolment fee
  • Other support deemed necessary
Eligibility criteria

Applicants who have passed the screening of international students by special recommendation. 

The deadline for this application is unspecified. 

To apply, visit this website.

9. Education For Sustainable Energy Development (ESED) Scholarship for International Students

Students from developing countries who have shown exceptional qualities in areas of sustainable energy development are invited to apply for a peculiar scholarship program that borders on energy, electricity, and climate change. It is sponsored by a CEO-led alliance of leading global electricity companies. 

Eligibility Criteria
  1. Be willing to take Master’s level studies in specialized courses.
  2. Honour 2 full-time studies for at least one school year which begins in Autumn 2022.
  3. Be a citizen of a developing country (As provided for in DAC/OECD).

An annual scholarship grant worth $10,000.

Required documents
  • Academic transcript(s)
  • Reference letters (2 Academic and or personal references)
  • Program outline
  • Admission letter from your university of choice
  • A detailed copy of your Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • A copy of your passport picture or birth certificate

The deadline for this application is 11th April 2022

To apply, visit this website.

Wrap Up

Each scholarship is sourced to cater to all kinds of educational needs and demands. 

Our academic consultants are on hand to put you through and help you achieve your study abroad dreams. Visit Urban Nomads to speak with a consultant under the Japa or Ajala plan.

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