15 Scholarships In Europe For African Students

If you would like to study abroad for your undergraduate degree, Master’s, or Ph.D., consider Europe. There are a host of options at your disposal. The scholarships are aimed at helping foreign students who are interested in studying but lack the funds to do so, accomplish their dreams.

In this article, we will be looking at:

Editor’s Note: Here are 6 things you should know when preparing to study abroad.

Why Study in Europe As An African Student

“Why should I study in Europe?” Well, studying abroad is one of the most enriching experiences you can have as a student. But, Europe? Why? Here are 5 reasons why.

  • Access to more research facilities:

Many African countries lack standard research facilities and even funds. Being highly focused on research innovation and technology, you will have state-of-the-art technology at your disposal if you chose to study in Europe. Studying in Europe, you will get to explore new subjects with well versed professors and students alike. Also, there are lesser worries about research funds.

  • Opportunity to maximize your potential:

Being alone in a foreign country brings out your independent nature. You get to discover things about yourself you never knew you had in you.

  • Career advancement 

Employers, especially in Africa, tend to give priority to job seekers who studied abroad. Compared to those who did not study abroad, you will stand a way better chance of getting employed. You also stand a better chance of interning with top-notch institutes that gives you an edge over others.

  • Access to full or partial scholarships

In addition to tuition fees, many scholarships in Europe cover the cost of living. Not only will you have no worries over tuition fees, accomodation, feeding, travel, and sometimes, health insurance, is covered by some institutions in Europe. In addition to studying, you will get to discover new places, food, and cultures.

  • You can learn a new language:

The ability to speak a foreign language is always a competitive advantage in the workplace and will definitely look great on your CV and increase your chances of getting employed abroad.

15 Scholarships In Europe for African Students

Whether you want to study from the scratch or simply further your education, there is something for you. Without further ado, here are 15 scholarships in Europe for African Students. Some apply to students from other continents as well:

1) International Scholarships at the Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies, Switzerland 2021

This is open to humanitarian professionals from low-income and middle-income countries. It is a 4-month programme and you can get the scholarship award in three forms.

  • Full Scholarship that covers your 4-month living expenses and Master of Advanced Studies tuition fees.
  • Scholarship that covers Diploma of Advanced Studies tuition fees for the 4 months without living expenses
  • Scholarship that covers your 4-month living expenses without tuition coverage.

Only students who come from or work in a low-income, middle-income, or least developed country are eligible for this scholarship.

Read more  on the Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studiesscholarship application requirements and process

2) Tech Women MBA at Wittenborg of Applied Sciences, Netherlands

This provides an unlimited scholarship worth 5,000 euros for the MBA with a specialization in Data Analytics or Digital Transformation. It covers a partial tuition fee waiver for the 18-month period of the program.

In addition to normal scholarship requirements, the applicant must be female, can be of any nationality, have an IELTS score of at least 6.5, and a TOEFL score of at least 90. She must have a Bachelor’s degree and a minimum of 3 years of work experience in the tech field. The application is currently ongoing. Click here to learn more about what is required and to apply.

3) Banach Scholarship Programme for International Students, Poland

This is another scholarship for students from developing countries who wish to study in Poland. Under this scholarship, you can pursue your second degree in the following fields: engineering and technical sciences, agricultural sciences, exact sciences, and life sciences.

It offers full scholarship and is open to students from 34 countries across the world including Nigeria. Application for this year ended June 21. You can plan ahead to apply next year.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Banach Scholarship programme application requirements and process

4) Sabanci University Scholarship for International Students, Turkey

This offers full scholarships to international students for undergraduate studies, Masters, or Ph.D. When you apply to the Sabanci University as an international student, you are automatically considered for a scholarship. To be on the safer side though, make sure you fill in the related area in your application form.

For graduate scholarships, there are various scholarship programs available to students. The deadline for the Sabanci University Scholarship Program for 2022 is August 5, 2021. In addition to full tuition fees, you get a monthly stipend and on-campus accommodation.

Click here for more information on this scholarship from the Sabanci University’s portal.

5) DAAD Scholarships 

There are a number of DAAD scholarships but one thing common to all is that they are aimed at supporting international students and researchers from all around the world. They are primarily aimed at graduates, doctoral students, and postdocs. They are also awarded for study and research visits to universities.

To applicants from developing and threshold countries, it offers grants for a full doctoral program – Research grants for Doctoral Programmes in Germany. There is also the Daad Helmut Schmidt scholarship program targeted at students from developing countries.

For students intake in October 2022, the application is ongoing and will close July 31, 2021.

6) South African-German Centre for Development Research Scholarship for African Students

This offers scholarships to applicants from Sub-saharan African countries who have an excellent academic record. They offer DAAD merit scholarships each year. For 2022, application for MA in Development Studies and Master in Public Administration was supposed to end June 20th but was extended to June 30, 2021.

For MA in Development Management, under the Bochum Programme, applications are ongoing till November 30, 2021. For 2022, there will be no scholarships for Ph.D. students.

All Sub-saharan African countries are eligible for the South African-German Centre for Development Research scholarship. The scholarship will be taken at the University of the Western Cape in South Africa while the scholarship and internship will be at the Ruhr-University of Bochum in Germany.

7) Innopolis University Fully Funded Scholarship, Russia

Although the application for this year ended in May, you can plan to apply next year. The university offers fully-funded scholarships to international students who want to acquire either their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the school.

The amount of ‘freebies’ you are entitled to is determined by your performance at a grant contest. Whatever you are granted will cover the duration of your studies, either 2 years for your Master’s program or 4 years for your Bachelor’s degree.

If you get a full scholarship, you stand to enjoy a monthly allowance, comfortable student apartments, internship and exchange opportunities, and leadership training at a leading Russian IT company.

To learn more about these grants, visit the Innopolis University’s official portal.

8) University of Birmingham Global Masters Scholarships

This scholarship is offered to international students as an award of 10,000 euros aimed at providing support for them to study at the University of Birmingham in 2021/2022 for their Master’s degree.

30 students will be benefiting from this scholarship program this year. The deadline to apply is June 30, 2021, at 23:59 UK time.

Check out the University of Birmingham Global Masters Scholarships eligibility criteria and apply.

9) Eira Francis Davies Scholarship for Women in Developing Countries

The Eira Francis Davies Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship awarded to one female student from an eligible developing country per academic year. She must be a full-time taught master’s postgraduate pursuing a Master’s programme within the Swansea University’s College of Human and Health Sciences.

See eligibility requirements here.

10) Glenmore Medical Online Postgraduate Scholarship, University of Edinburgh

The Glenmore Medical Online Postgraduate Scholarship particularly welcomes applicants from Africa including Nigeria. It will be awarded to three eligible applicants accepted for admission in the 2021/2022 academic year for Masters in listed eligible Human Medical programmes. See eligible programmes.

You must have been offered a place at the University of Edinburgh and have accepted it. It is an online programme and your scholarship will cover full tuition for it. Applications for this year ended June 4, 2021. But, if you applied, you will be notified of the outcome by late August or early September.

You can plan to apply next year. Note that the Glenmore Medical Online Postgraduate Scholarship requirements may not be the same at that time. 

11) 2022 Orange Knowledge Programme Scholarship for International Students

This scholarship is aimed at assisting international students from countries in Africa including Nigeria. It is open to mid-career professionals in these countries. The scholarship covers short courses within a 2-weeks to 12-months duration or master’s programs of a 12- to 24-month duration.

Check out the Orange Knowledge Programme Scholarship application criteria.

12) Denys Holland Scholarship at University College, London for International Students

This scholarship is available to students from all countries but specifically, students in financial need. To apply for 2021, you must already hold an offer of admission to UCL for a full-time undergraduate study starting in September 2021. Anyone awarded the scholarship will get $9,000 every year for three years, subject to satisfactory academic progress.

The deadline for application is July 2, 2021. View the  Denys Holland Scholarship application form and guidance notes.

13) Transform Together Scholarships for International Students, Sheffield Hallam University

This is exclusively for international students starting a full-time course at the SHU. You get a half fee waiver, that is, a 50% discount, for undergraduate or postgraduate courses for your first year of study only. 

Note that you must have been offered a full-time taught undergraduate or postgraduate course at the Sheffield Hallam University before you can apply for a scholarship.

For courses starting in January 2022, applications are ongoing till November 1, 2021. Learn more on how to  learn more on how to apply and other instructions.

14) Erasmus Mundus Master’s Scholarship Program

This is a common one among African students which makes it even more highly competitive. It offers financial aid to students worldwide to pursue a master’s program in Europe. 

It awards a full scholarship to successful applicants which covers tuition, monthly allowance, travel expenses and other essentials. You will only be considered if you enroll in any Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree (EMJMD) courses.

Check out the Erasmus Mundus master’s scholarship application requirements.

15) 2021 KAAD Scholarships Program for Young Students, Germany

This scholarship is open to students from developing countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America who have a Bachelor’s degree and intend to acquire a Master’s degree or Ph.D. at a German University. 

It is also open to students who want to do a post-doctoral research project for established university lecturers for a period of 2-6 months at a German University. Applicants must be Christian, preferably Catholic. It offers full scholarships with stipends. 

Find out more about the KAAD Scholarships application requirements to bag this scholarship and apply. Kaad scholarships 2021-2022 application deadline is June 30, 2021.

Wrap Up

There are hundreds of scholarships in Europe for African students. Subsequently, we will reference others. But for now, you can apply to those whose deadlines are still within reach should all your documents be ready at hand. If not, you can plan to apply next year after visiting each’s portal to understand what is required of you.

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