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Masters Fees and funding in Sweden

The Swedish educational system largely consists of Universities and University Colleges. Prior to 2011 academic year, tuition was free in Sweden even to non-EU/EEA students on English taught master’s program. Tuition fee for international student range between €7,696 – €14,000 depending on the level/course and last for about 1-2 years. Additionally, some schools offer around 25 – 75% scholarship and cover living costs. Tuition is free for PhD even for international students, interested applicants are paid to offer a PhD in Sweden.

Below are some low tuition universities and fees:

  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • Goteborg University
  • Halmstad University
  • Jonkoping University
  • Karolinska Institute
  • Linkoping University
  • Lulea University
  • Lund Institute of Technology
  • Malardalen University
  • Mid Sweden University
  • Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
  • Stockholm School of Economics
  • Stockholm University
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  • Umea University
  • Umea University
  • University College of Orebro
  • University College of Gavle/Sandviken
  • University College of Kalmar
  • University of Boras
  • University of Falun/Borlange
  • University of Karlskrona/Ronneby
  • University of Karlstad
  • University of Kristianstad
  • University of Skovde
  • Uppsala University
  • Vaxjo University

Living cost

If your program is subject to a charge, proof of funds (bank statement) is expected to be provided after paying tuition. You are required to have at least EUR 760 per month to cover for housing, food and other expenses. This implies that for a year, you will need to show proof of about 9,000 euros. Stockholm, the country’s capital, houses about 17 universities and colleges, and it’s a more expensive city. Meanwhile, other regions like Umea, Karlstad and Uppsala have lower living cost. The good news is that as a student, you are eligible to work for as many hours as you can but not to neglect your academic. Hence, less will be required.

Applying for a Master’s program in Sweden

The academic year in Sweden commences every August/September but application for Master’s programs usually starts from November to February of March next year (some universities close application around January 15). But if you wish to apply for scholarship, submit your application on or before December. On a general note, below are some entry requirements for Master’s applicants:

  • An undergraduate degree (three years minimum)
  • Proof of academic performance (transcript)
  • Language skill (6.5 in IELTS)
  • Other specific requirement of the university or faculty.

Quite often, you are expected to pay application fee of EUR 85 to process your application.

Every university have career services that are conversant with the Swedish labour market and will be willing to advise you on choice of course and its speed of employability.

Student visa to Sweden

Owing to the fact that Sweden is part of the EU, visa requirements apply to Non – EEA/EU wishing to study in Sweden. You can only apply for the student resident permit once you have your acceptance letter from any Swedish University. It usually takes a while, so do not delay. Your required to apply by visiting the local Finnish embassy (Abuja) in person. You are required to present:

  • A formal offer letter
  • A valid passport
  • Proof of funds (about 9,000 euros)
  • Health insurance

Post Study Option

Upon successful completion of the program, you are eligible to receive a temporary residence permit for job application. This permit can only be granted as a permit extension to a student residence permit. Beginning from January 2020, this is issued for a maximum of 1 year after graduation to enable you job hunt. Once you find a job, you are eligible to apply for a work permit that grants you access to remain in Sweden.

Best of luck with your application, if you’re the one going for it. Be sure to share this with anyone you know who is looking to study abroad.

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