Oxford Rhodes Scholarship

The University of Oxford Rhodes Scholarship

Did you know that the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom is calling on international students from different parts of the world to take advantage of its 2024 Rhodes Scholarship with no IELTS required?

Let us dive more into the Rhodes scholarship and the benefits you get to enjoy if you’re accepted. 

Disclaimer: This is for Msc and Postgrad.

The Rhodes Scholarship 

The University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world and the best university in the world according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024. If it has always been your dream to study in Oxford, you can turn that into a reality with the Rhodes Scholarship which allows you to join other students from around the world to study at the University of Oxford. 

Established in 1902 by Cecil John Rhodes, the Rhodes Scholarship is a postgraduate award that is fully funded and full time giving young people from all around the world the opportunity to study at Oxford.

oxford rhodes scholarship
The University of Oxford

Applications for the 2024 Rhodes Scholarship opened this June and the deadline is August 8.

Apart from offering a life-changing opportunity to school at Oxford, there are other benefits included. Getting a Rhodes Scholarship means you:

  • Get to go to Oxford for two or more years to study full-time postgraduate courses offered by the University.
  • The scholarship covers the course fees and provides students with an annual stipend. The stipend for the 2023/24 academic year is EUR 1,591 for each month making EUR 19,092 for a year. It is from this that scholars pay for accommodation and other living expenses. 
  • The Rhodes scholarship also covers the required fee to apply to study at the University of Oxford, the IHS (International Health Surcharge) fee which enables students to access the National Health Service, and the student visa fee.
  • It also covers two plane tickets (economy class) to the UK for the beginning of studies and back when studies end.
  • If you get accepted, you receive a settling-in allowance once you arrive. 

There is, of course, a selection criteria with one of them being “literary and scholastic attainment”. You can find more information about this and every other thing you need to know on their website. According to Rhodes, “the strength of the Scholarship comes from its diversity” so there is no discrimination whatsoever. 

Rhodes Scholarship Homepage

Click here for more information and to apply for the Rhodes Scholarship!


Now that you have an idea of what the Rhodes Scholarship is about, why don’t you make the most out of this opportunity? We cannot deny that the process will be challenging but you can never know until you try. So snag this life-changing opportunity today!


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